4 Ways Treat Curly Hair with Aloe Vera Gel?

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Aloe Vera Gel for Curly Hair

Many girls who have curly hair are very particular about the products that they use on their hair. If you are one amongst them, then you can apply aloe vera without even a tinge of worry. This is because aloe vera contains 20 minerals, 12 vitamins, 18 amino acids and 200 phytonutrients.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel for Curly Hair

  • Aloe vera gel is an emollient. It smoothes the cuticle by forming a film on the surface of the hair and also because of its pH of around 4.5. The film can also provide very mild hold.
  • It provides, attracts and seals moisture due to presence of water and sugars.

How to Use Aloe Vera Gel for Curly Hair?

So here are some tips to use aloe vera gel.

1. Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Using aloe vera gel before applying shampoo helps to destroy the dandruff buildup in the hair. The natural enzymes present in aloe vera helps to remove all the dead cells, fungus are dandruff effectively. At the same time, it keeps the hair hydrated. Aloe vera also maintains the pH balance of the scalp and prevents dandruff from recurring.


  • Massage the aloe vera gel in your scalp and leave it for ten minutes.
  • Then rinse it with shampoo.
  • You can also blend aloe vera gel with coconut milk and wheat germ oil if you want a relatively lighter pre-shampoo treatment.

2. Aloe Vera Shampoo

Aloe vera gel or juice can be used a shampoo for its hydrating properties. Shampoos that are available in the market are not very kind to the hair but if you still want to use your favorite shampoo add some aloe gel to it.

3. Aloe Vera Conditioner

Aloe vera has great moisturizing properties and using it as a conditioner will leave your hair velvety soft and smooth.


  • To make the homemade conditioner you have to cut an aloe vera stem to extract the gel with a scooper or spoon.
  • Use your fingers to apply the conditioner on damp hair, start from the scalp and work it up till the tips.
  • Wrap the hair in a warm towel and leave it for 15 minutes for the gel to sink in.
  • Rinse your hair with a mild herbal shampoo.

4. Instant Styler

Yes, you can use aloe vera gel to style your hair instead of using readymade serums.


  • Take a pea-sized amount of aloe vera gel in your hands.
  • Now run your hands through your wavy or curly hair, so that the conditioner makes each hair strand smooth.
  • Scrunch the ends of your hair and you are all good to go.

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