Japanese Ways to Increase Breast Size Naturally

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How to Increase Breast Size? Japanese Remedies

Bust-up (pronounced basuto appu) is a term used in Japan for natural breast enhancement. While the English derived term has no real meaning in the western world, in Japan it means “to increase bust size” and “to raise the position of the bust” or make the breasts fuller and perkier.  The Bust-up method was made popular in the NBE community by the success of Chiyomilk who used its principles to achieve her amazing growth.

Natural Breast Enlargement Methods:

The main components of Bust-up include massage, exercise, acupressure points, supplements, proper diet and breast shaping bras.

1. Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage promotes lymphatic flow and is a fundamental part of Bust-up. Many Japanese videos showing massage techniques to increase bust size start with some type of lymphatic massage. These simple movements discharge toxins and waste from the breast area preparing the breasts to receive the nutrients from food and supplements more effectively.

2. Breast Massage

In Bust-up, breast massage is thought to stimulate the mammary glands. Breast massage also increases blood flow to the breasts which help to bring in more oxygen and nutrients, all of which assist in breast growth.

3. Acupressure Points

Shiatsu points, similar to Chinese acupressure points, are used to increase blood circulation, improve lymph flow, balance female hormones as well as promote hormone secretion.

4. Strengthen Pectoral Muscles

As mentioned earlier, Bust-up means to “raise the position of the breasts.” One way this is done is through the strengthening of the chest or pectoral muscles. Though chest exercises will not increase the actual size of the breast, strengthening the muscles will give the breasts a more perkier appearance as they will sit higher on the chest.

5. Breast Shaping Bras

While many women wear bras to support their breasts or prevent their nipples from showing through their clothes, in Bust-up, bras play a more important role.  Specially designed bras are used to help raise the position of the breasts and reshape them permanently.

6. Quality Supplements

Pueraria Mirifica is the preferred breast enhancing herb in Bust-up, not only for its breast enlargement properties but also for its anti-aging properties. Those that practice Bust-up believe that taking high quality, high potency supplements are a must.

Tips & Precautions for getting Bigger Breasts Naturally

Additional tips from Bust-up include:

1. Keep the Body Warm

When the body is cold, the blood vessels are constricted which restricts blood flow.  When the body is warm, the blood vessels are expanded and everything runs smoothly. Blood, oxygen and nutrients flow to the breasts more efficiently.

2. Eat Foods That Benefit the Breasts

What you eat plays an integral part in growing breasts according to the Bust-up way. The primary food in Bust-up  is soy because of the isoflavones found in soy which mimic estrogen. Common soy foods in Bust-up include tofu, soy milk and natto.
Another essential item in a Bust-up diet are foods that contain boron. Boron is said to promote the secretion of estrogen. Cabbage, specifically raw cabbage, is a food that is commonly recommended in Bust-up but boron can be found in other vegetables, as well as fruits and nuts.

3. Get Plenty of Sleep

When on a Bust-up program, it is recommended that you get more sleep than you normally would. Sleep plays an important part in the growing and overall healing process of the body. During sleep is one of the few times that the body naturally produces HGH which is essential for growth.

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