Cold Showers For Weight Loss: Do They Work?

Cold Showers For Weight Loss, steam baths for weight loss

Can You Lose Weight With Cold Showers?

Cold Showers

Losing weight can be a tiring and self-deprecating journey that seems to stretch on for months on end. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if losing weight was as simple as walking into the bathroom and having a cold shower? As incredible as it may sound, it does work! A cold shower does promote weight loss! How?

The “James Bond Shower,” which essentially involves turning the water temperature down to cold, helps you burn fat. Read our post and learn how cold shower benefits weight loss.

Cold Showers For Weight Loss

We know you still can’t digest the fact. But cold showers do help promote weight loss in many different ways.

Our body typically consists of two kinds of fat, white fat and brown fat. White fat is the unwanted fat that accumulates when you eat excessively and supply your body with more calories than it needs, and your body can’t burn these excess calories. White fat piles up in your waist, lower back, neck, thighs and glutes, and are the fact that most of us struggle to eliminate from the body. Brown fat, on the other hand, is the good fat that generates heat to keep our bodies warm. When you feel cold, brown fat activity increases. Cold showers help promote brown fat activity, which in turn means that you are burning fat while you shower.

Brown fat generates heat in your body. However, BAT (Brown Adipose Tissue) is normally inactive, as long as you are working or relaxing in your body’s thermal comfort zone. BAT is common in adults and has a high likelihood of existing in women and leaner individuals.

When you get into a cold shower, the BAT activates and generates heat. The heat quickens up your metabolism and helps you burn white fat.

Studies conclude that exposure to extremely cold temperature helps activate brown fat in 23 and 24 participants by a 15-fold increase. It means that if you shower with cold water every day, you could be looking at a weight loss of around nine pounds every year.

Benefits Of Cold Showers

So, you know how cold showers help you burn fat. You might wonder what other benefits getting into a cold shower include! Well, cold showers:

1. Improve Circulation

Showering with cold water encourages blood circulation, and when the blood surrounds our organs, it helps combat some problems of the skin and heart. As cold water hits your body, it boosts blood circulation, and the arteries pump blood more efficiently, which boosts your heart health. Showering with cold water also boosts organ health and enhances your immunity.

2. Relieves Stress

A cold shower not only helps burn fat and boosts your heart health, but it is also good for your head. A cold shower helps you get rid of anxiety, and regular cold showers can also help you adapt to repetitive oxidative stress.

3. Cures Depression

Cold water showers can help you overcome depression. Cold water interacts with your skin’s cold receptors, which stimulate your brain by sending electrical impulses. The electrical impulses trigger an anti-depressive effect, which helps treat depression.

4. Makes You Alert

A cold shower in the morning will get you up and running. It may seem like a horrifyingly chilly idea, but don’t worry. Your BATs will help keep you warm. As you feel cold, your oxygen intake increases, which provide your body energy for the day and make you feel alert.

Side Effects of Cold Showers (Long, Ice-Cold Showers) – Hypothermia

Taking lengthy cold showers could be dangerous, because it may put you at risk of hypothermia. You can develop hypothermia in just a few minutes through exposure to icy water. Taking long; frigid showers could make your body temperature drop to dangerously low levels. After going in the state of Hypothermia, your reflexes could slow down, and cause muscle weakness and induce fatigue. This could also increase your risk of falling in the shower and sustaining an injury. Because of continuous dropping body temperature, hypothermia negatively affects heart function, and it may induce deadly heart failure. 

Select The Safer Way to Weight Loss

The best way to lose weight is still the old-fashioned way, which is eating less and moving more. If you eat 500 calories less than you burn daily allow you to lose 1 pound each week.

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