5 Ways To Burn 500 Calories In 30 Minutes!

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How To Burn 500 Calories In 30 Minutes?

Burn 500 Calories

Nutrition is well and good, but all tasty food is not healthy. Every extra calorie you eat manages to find a way to annoy you. Do you want to prevent extra fat? Want to know the quickest ways to accomplish this? Learn here 30 minutes workout that can burn 500 calories every day. Keep reading.

Weight Maintenance:

Everyone dreams of an ideal weight, but only a few achieve it. An ideal weight is where your BMI and weight are in perfect accordance to your height. To maintain a healthy weight and look good, one must burn the same number of calories as they consume. On an average, if you have a 2500 calorie diet, your body uses a few calories for basic functions, and you use a few for everyday activities. Considering your activities burn all the calories you ate, you maintain your current weight. Lack of physical activity, combined with a high-calorie diet will transform all the extra calories into fat reserves. This leads to ungainly weight, lowered metabolism, obesity and other health risks.

Experts advise everyone to indulge in daily physical activity for at least 30 minutes. A 30-minute time frame is sufficient to keep a person healthy, while also maintaining fitness. Any individual can comfortably fit in a half hour into their daily routine, however busy the schedule is.

To Lose Weight:

Burn more calories than you eat, that’s the key word for weight loss. When you expend more calories than what was in your plate, the resultant deficit is covered by mobilizing the body’s fat. Simply put, burning merely 500 calories a day diligently for a week will help you shed an entire pound. It is the best way to lose weight because regular physical activity is going to keep it off your body for good.

Let us explore some of the best ways to burn 500 calories in 30 minutes.

More Calories, Less Time:

Weight loss depends on your body weight. A heavy person would burn more calories in a shorter time compared to a slender person.
Also, for 30 minutes to matter, the exercises must be intense and performed with complete involvement.
  • Choose exercises that burn calories rapidly while allowing you to continue the momentum.
  • Alternate various exercises in the 30-minute duration for best effect.
  • Focus on keeping a high pace rather than counting the calories.
  • In 30 minutes, a medium weight person is normally able to burn 400 calories.
  • Someone over 90kgs would burn more than 500 calories in the same time-frame.
  • Start with a warm-up, alternate exercises and cool down after the workout.
  • With that said, here we go.

Exercises That Burn 500 Calories In 30 Minutes:

1. Running:

Running burns calories like no other exercise does. Results are observed within days of regular fast running sessions. You do not need any equipment for this. Or you can use a treadmill if desired.

Run at a steady but fast pace (8mph) for 30 minutes, stopping only for 30 seconds to catch your breath. About 500 calories make a vanishing act by the time you finish. Sweating through this intense cardio workout also contributes to your good health.

2. Strength Training:

Training with weights while you target different muscle groups in your body brings definition. Strength training is another intense form of exercise that burns a great number of calories when performed with minimized breaks. In 30 minutes, work various muscle groups, resting for 30 seconds between sets.

3. Body Weight Workouts:

Here, you are using your own body weight to give you resistance against gravity. Exercises like push-ups, squats, lunges and planks demand calories, burning them in the process.

Alternate various body weight exercises with dedicated intensity for 30 minutes, and you will have a full body workout that would have improved your metabolism and burned nearly 500 calories. Ensure you are ready for such a strain, because these exercises are serious business.

4. Interval Training:

Another method that burns calories like magic is interval training. When you alternate high intensity with low-intensity exercises, your body is jumpstarted into burning more calories than usual. Interestingly, this workout keeps your metabolism high even after 30 minutes. Simply put, the fat continues to burn.

5. Swimming:

Swimming torches calories effectively and builds your endurance levels. It is also a good option for those who cannot lift weight owing to bad knees and back. Swimming vigorously for 30 minutes will burn close to 500 calories, provided you don’t rest much.

Other Exercises That Burn Calories

  1. Bicycling (16-18 mph)
  2. Jogging (6.5 mph)
  3. Interval sprints
  4. Rowing
  5. Racquetball
  6. Handball
  7. Martial arts
  8. Rock climbing
  9. Cross country skiing
  10. Zumba (resistance training)

Other Fun Ways To Lose Calories:

Are intense 30 minutes giving you the shivers? No worries. The goal is to lose 500 calories per day, shedding at least a pound at the end of a week. Let us look at a few un-frightening and fun ways to burn 500 calories.
  1. Dance moderately to a Zumba routine for an hour. It cannot fail to pump you up.
  2. Engage in gardening, be it your backyard or someone else’s. Gardening can be quite tiring, and it will earn brownie points with your friends and family.
  3. Better yet, clean your own house to your favorite peppy music for an hour and half. You kill two birds with one stone.
  4. Convince a friend to play racquetball with you every day for 45 minutes. She/he will thank you for it.
  5. Learn to play an instrument. There is enough mental and physical strain to burn plenty of calories.
  6. Show off your rope jumping or rope skipping skills for 30 minutes. You’ll surely lose weight if you don’t lose a leg first.

Any of these activities will help you achieve your goals. The trick is to stay active. So, get up and get going.

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