18 Effective Ways To Burn 500 Calories in One Day

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How To Burn 500 Calories A Day?

Are you unhappy with the shape of your body each time you look at yourself in the mirror? Well, let us get one thing straight at the very onset. Worrying or fretting will not get you anywhere. So, in order to acquire a body shape that makes heads turn, you need to burn those additional calories.

This post talks about: How You Can Burn 500 Calories In Just 24 Hours Or- How To Burn 500 Calories Fast.

The Mathematics Of Weight Loss:

While obesity is certainly undesirable, losing weight too aggressively can also lead to health issues. It is believed that a healthy way of losing weight is to shed one pound in a week’s time period. One pound of weight reduction implies downsizing the consumption of 3500 calories in a week, which comes to cutting down 500 calories in 24 hours.

No Restrictions Of Methodology:

While the foodies born with big appetites cringe at the thought of eating less, the lazy ones never want to enter the threshold of a gymnasium. The perfect recipe for losing weight is a combination of a variety of methods. While the ultimate goal remains the same, the varied paths usher in some excitement and novelty.

Burn Calories

You would be surprised to know that there are ways in which you could lose weight even while eating at a restaurant or simply watching television. So, explore the novel ideas of burning calories. Mix and match ideas as per your inclination and personal schedules. However, keep the goal of burning 500 calories steady to achieve the physique you desire.

How To Burn 500 Calories A Day?

Burn 500 Calories - 18 Tips:

  1. The first in line is the most common method of burning calories. One hour of cardiovascular exercise can amount to the burning of 500 or more calories in any adult.
  2. If you are tired of the traditional forms of exercising, try out some vigorous dance moves. One hour of Zumba performance can facilitate the burning of 500 calories. Wow! That surely is a fun way of losing weight. Zumba is a form of cardiovascular aerobic exercise, and hence, helps you burn those pounds the most natural way.
  3. If Zumba is not your style, try belly dancing. This may require a constant movement for 2 hours to burn 500 calories, but will strengthen your core muscles and get you into splendid shape as well. Studies suggest that even ball dancing can help you burn calories sooner than you think.
  4. Not interested in dance at all? If music is your love, there lies another way of burning calories. Practice playing the guitar for exactly 130 minutes and slim down without any stress. Remember to stand during the practice sessions to reach the 500 calorie mark. By the end of the week, you would have lost your one pound and honed your talent as well. A 150 pounder can lose as much as 136 calories per hour just by strumming the guitar!
  5. Explore skiing as an option for burning calories. For burning 500 calories, you require to do 65 minutes of downward skiing or 50 minutes of cross country skiing. This is an awesome way of combining sports activity with weight reduction. If you could take up skiing as a hobby, you can burn as many as 740 calories by skiing at a pace of 7 miles per hour.
  6. Do you like to watch television? Incorporate cardio workouts during the commercial breaks. It could be skipping or jogging on the spot, either way a minute exercise will help you lose 10 calories. Every one hour program has at least 5 breaks of 3 minutes each. Imagine the calories that you can burn, that too while you are watching your much-loved program.
  7. What about playing a simple game for recreation? Find a friend to play racquetball. Play for 55 minutes and get the desired result of 500 calorie burn.
  8. Homemakers have the option of burning calories while cleaning their nest. Two hours of cleaning is all it requires to burn 500 calories. Make the cleanliness routine more interesting by putting on your favorite song. Dancing through the cleaning act will only mobilize the weight loss.
  9. Passionate about gardening? Did you know lawn mowers can also do the trick? Lawn mowing done for 135 minutes can help you burn 500 calories straight. However, stay clear of the riding versions of lawn mowers.
  10. For those who simply love running more than any other variant of exercise, the proportion is running for roughly 42 minutes at the speed of 6 miles per hour. If you prefer walking to running, then take a brisk walk for 90 minutes to achieve the 500 calorie burn mark.
  11. If it is aerobics for you, make the session vigorous and last for a minimum of 60 minutes.
  12. Pilates and yoga are much in vogue. Stay trendy and fit by doing either of the two for a couple of hours without a break. With some diligence, not only will you gain abdominal strength and core support, but also along the way lose that flab and have a toned mid-section.
  13. Do you enjoy playing in the open? Try playing Frisbee for 2 hours. You will burn the desired calorie content and get entertained in the process.
  14. Swimming is the best way of relaxation and cooling down the body on a hot day. When done for 65 minutes, this leisure activity can facilitate burning of 500 calories as well. A 180 pounder can burn a whopping 266 calories in barely half an hour of swimming. Now, that is something, is it not?
  15. What games are you passionate about? Name it, and we have the way to make it a weight reduction medium for you. You can burn 500 calories by being involved in ice skating for 50 minutes, 60 minutes of tennis, 65 minutes of water skiing, 80 minutes of snorkelling, 50 minutes of touch football, 45 minutes of rugby, and 50 minutes of basket ball playing in the court. Whatever may be your preference, choose the game and lose weight while enjoying the play. Where is a will, there is always a way.
  16. Just bought a new bike? Show it off to others and lose weight in the bargain. How? Bike riding for a mere 60 minutes at a moderate pace can burn 500 calories.
  17. Running up the stairs can also help your case. All it requires is 45 minutes of your precious time.
  18. The most interesting of all is the fact that two hours and fifteen minutes of shopping can also do the trick. Well, certainly most women will opt for this one?

Set Your Own Path:

The human body requires calories for the proper functioning of the body. It is the basic fuel required for performing various activities. Anything that assists in the burning of calories enhances the metabolism rate of the body as well. You could lose weight in the gym, at home, at work, or at play. The list is endless. As long as there is inclination, you will surely find the suitable path.

However, it is important to ascertain the calorie count in compatibility with you stature, gender and other physical parameters. Keep your health at the top of your priority list. Shed those extra pounds to look good and feel good.

Now you know how to burn 500 calories a day.

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