How to Increase Metabolism: The Fastest Way to Lose Weight

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Have you ever thought that why your friend doesn’t gain weight even though you eat less than him? Well if you have thought than answer is, the person has high metabolism. People with high metabolism to do not gain weight and they are more fit than others.

How to Increase Metabolism?

Metabolism is a kind of chemical process that takes place within the body to maintain the life. However, people are not born with high metabolism even you could also boost your metabolism. Keeping the stress at bay and eating good is the key to boost metabolism. Read more to know ways to increase metabolism.

Ways to Increase Metabolism:

1. Eat Enough to Increase Metabolism

People often think skipping a meal or eating less helps to reduce weight. In contrary it reduces the metabolism. So, one should eat enough to speed up metabolism. You need to cut the number of calories you have to lose weight. However, reducing the number of meals will pay in the contrast. If you eat less or skip meals, your metabolism gets a break. In addition, if you continue doing so your metabolism will start depleting and therefore, it will break down the essential calorie-burning muscle tissue that provides energy. To avoid this one should eat according to his or her hunger. One should not starve himself. Therefore, do not skip your meals and eat enough to rev up the metabolism.

2. Eat Breakfast to Boost Metabolism

Most of the people in US skip their healthy chunk of breakfast, since they do not get enough time to have their meal. But that should not be done. A breakfast works like fuel for the metabolism. The word breakfast means breaking the fast. The approximately hours that are body hungry is 8-9 hours (after dinner to before breakfast) that is equivalent to observing a fast. To break this fast one should have a healthy breakfast. It will kick start your day and helps to rev the metabolism. In a recent study, it has been found that maximum numbers of women who skipped their breakfast are obese. So, you must have got an idea. If you are on the go then, you must have at least oatmeal, yogurt, fat free milk and nuts. It will provide you essential protein and energy to keep going entire day.

3. Have Tea Coffee to Speed Up Metabolism

Most of the people believe that caffeine that is found in the coffee and tea leads overweight. But that’s not the case. An excess of anything could be injurious. This means you can have a cup of coffee or tea. It is found that caffeine works as stimulant for central nervous system. So, your regular tea or coffee intake can help to increase metabolism. According to a Japanese research it has been found that a cup of brewed tea has a power to raise the metabolism by 12 %. It is because caffeine is packed with the antioxidants that are very good for the health. So, have 1 or two cups of coffee or tea in a day to increase metabolism.

4. Consume Fiber to Rev Up Metabolism

According to many research some fibers can cut the fat in your body and thus promote metabolism. Fiber burns approximately 30% of the fat in the body. There are two types of fibers. One is soluble and another is insoluble. Read more to know rich sources of fiber. Both the fibers are good for health since they improve the heart health and promote the digestions that help to keep the stomach problems like constipation at the bay. Moreover, it prevents bloating and gastric problem. So, consume at least 25 grams of the fiber in the day to increase metabolism.

5. Drink Water to Boost Metabolism

You must be thinking drinking water is one of the essentials to survive then why are we emphasizing on it. Well as it is important for the survival similarly it is essential to the boost the metabolism as well. Most of the people drink water when we feel thirsty. However, it is important to drink 8-10 glasses of water in a day. It detoxifies the body and removes the toxins from the body. In addition to this, drinking water is good for skin as well. Therefore, try to drink 8 glasses of water in a day. It aids dehydration also. For a healthy body and rev up the metabolism carry bottle of water so that you can drink water any time. However, some find that cold water is good for health good others find that drinking luke warm water keeps your metabolism going. In any of the way, whether it is cold water or lukewarm water one should drink a good amount of water. So, go and get bottle water for yourself. This will also keep your active entire day.

6. Consume Organic Food to Increase Metabolism

We all know that in last decade pollution has increased drastically not only this, most of the food we consume are filled with the preservatives and pesticides, which is definitely not good for the body. These preservative and pesticides are nothing but chemicals that could be harmful for your health. Moreover, they could weaken your immune system as well which eventually affect your metabolism. Thus, try to consume organic food that does not have preservative and pesticides. Moreover, this will also help you to burn the desired fat. The toxins present in the preservative and pesticides interfere in the process of fat burning and thus most of the people gain weight. So, try to consume as much as organic foods you can. Now days’ organic cereals and pulses are easily available in the market. You can also go for a kitchen garden and grow some veggies like carrot, potato at home.

7. Include Protein in your Diet to Increase Metabolism

Our body needs proteins since it helps to maintain the lean muscle. Therefore, one should consume protein rich foods. Protein rich snacks will also do. It helps to strengthen the bones and build cartilages and blood. In addition to this, it also promotes digestion process. This is the reason why body builders drink protein shake. However, drinking artificial protein shake is not good for health you can prepare one at home as well. Alternatively, have 3 ounces of lean meat, a few tablespoons of nuts and low fat yogurt with every meal to boost the content of the protein in your body. Our hair is maid for proteins therefore having protein will result hair growth and prevent hair loss. So, do not forget to include proteins in your diet.

8. Go for Foods High in Iron to Boost Metabolism

Another change that you should do in your diet is add some iron to it, specially all the girls and women out there. Iron carries oxygen to the muscles that helps to burn fat. Moreover, it built the blood cells in our body. Therefore, one should consume iron rich foods. We are more emphasizing this for women because women lose iron during menstruation that comes every month. So, you should consume a good amount of iron. This also helps to boost the metabolism and keeps you going. For vegetarians, green leafy vegetables are great source of iron and non-vegetarians, shellfish, beans, lean meat and fortified cereal along with GLV is a good option. So, in order to increase metabolism, eat foods high in iron.

9. Exercise Regularly Boost your Metabolism

Exercise and workout sessions are very essential not only for the good physique but for the healthy metabolism also. So make sure you exercise regularly. It is not important to enroll yourself for the gym session go for weight lifting, squirts and running instead. Start with the brisk walk in the morning and in evening. However, one should not stick to similar exercise; you should change the exercise and pattern of exercising as well. In addition to this, go for smaller sessions, for 15 minutes do squats and 20 minutes running and so on. If you do not like exercising, then yoga asanas are best alternative for you. Or, you can simply learn aerobics, swimming or any kind of dance you want. This will burn your calories and helps to boost your metabolism as well. So, from today climb stairs and try to not use lift that would also be an exercise for you. Isn’t it!

10. Skip Alcohol to Rev up Metabolism

Last but not least you cannot lose the desired weight until you stop drinking alcohol. It has toxins that interfere during the process of “fat burning”. Moreover, it is found that having a drink before any meal causes a person to eat more. Also, drinking with dinner is not a good alternative either. According to latest theory when you drink with the meal, the body burns off the alcohol first that simply means, calories in the meal get stored in the body as fat and thus you tend to gain weight. This will also save you from hangovers well. However, if it is difficult for you to skip alcohol completely then you can have some wine. It is decent alternative but, yes it too has calories. So, having it in moderation or occasionally will be a best option for

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