5 Best Acupressure Points For Weight Loss: Press These Points to Lose Weight

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Acupressure For Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight without really stressing out about a diet of sport, Chinese medicine comes to rescue! An alternative to sport and diet that is gathering popularity these days is acupressure, the traditional Chinese medicine that is based on the concept of life energy travelling around our bodies.

Acupressure Points For Weight Loss

It has been tested and proven that acupressure works best on several pressure points that are connected with some major organs of the body.

Appling pressure to these points helps control appetite and hunger as well as making the digestive system stronger.

Further on we will present to you these pressure points, but remember we recommend by starting with a light massage and then applying pressure. It is also advisable to end with the same light moves.

Ear Point:

 The first most important control point is located here near your ears. To find it, place your thumb in front of the triangular-shaped flap near your ear, open and close your jaw, thus locating the point where it has maximum movement. Repeat the procedure up to 3 times a day, for 1-3 minutes in a row. This helps control your appetite.

Upper Lip:

Find the spot located between the upper lip and the nose and press it for 1 to 5 minutes twice a day when you feel hungry or stressed.

Knee Point:

Pressing this point will help with digestion as well as menstrual discomfort and cramps. The point is located 5 cm below the kneecap and slightly off-center towards the outside of the leg. Don’t be alarmed if you feel slight discomfort when pressing.


This pressure point helps eliminate excess body heat and moisture from the body, as well as preventing fluid retention. To locate the point, place your thumb inside the crease of your elbow, about 5 cm from your elbow joint.


This is the last of the 5 important pressure points. Placed 5 cm above your ankle, pressing this point for 1 minute daily helps relieve stress and increases your wellbeing. Even so, it is not a recommended procedure for pregnant women.

Massaging and applying pressure to the mentioned points significantly improves your state of health and controls your appetite effectively.

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