Earl Grey Tea For Weight Loss: Is Earl Grey Tea Effective For Weight Loss?

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Is Earl Grey Tea Effective For Weight Loss?

Earl Grey Tea For Weight Loss

Do you have the habit of having tea on a regular basis? Then it’s time you started taking Earl Grey tea, which comes with lot many health benefits, and is good for weight loss as well.

Earl Grey Tea – A Brief:

This delicious English tea was given its name after the British Prime Minister, James Earl Grey. It is one of the most well-known teas in the world, especially due to its distinct flavor and aroma. The leaves of Earl Grey tea are blended with bergamot to give it its unique taste. It is now being used worldwide as a way to lose weight, in addition to gaining a multitude of health benefits.

How Does Earl Grey Tea Help In Weight Loss?

According to research at a university in Italy, the citrus extract that gives Earl Gray its distinct flavor could play an important role in weight loss. This extract is derived from the bergamot, which is a type of orange that is found in the Mediterranean. Bergamot contains natural ingredients that help in boosting metabolism and preventing the absorption of cholesterol in the stomach.

When you drink Earl Grey tea, the calories in your body are lightened by bergamot. It aids in breaking them down into energy for the muscles. A large percentage of the other waste is released through the natural process of metabolism.

Earl Grey is a black tea that stimulates the process of fat burning. You can also use it as a part of your cleansing diet to get rid of harmful toxins from your body. Drinking this tea on a regular basis is a great way to lose weight without having to take drastic measures such as crash diets and other fad diets. It is all-natural and comes with many nutrients and properties that give you a plethora of health benefits.

According to research, drinking 2 to 4 cups of Earl Grey tea every day will help you lose weight and improve your health in many ways. However, you need to keep in mind that if you are trying to lose weight, the tea should be taken without milk or sugar. Adding them will only defeat the purpose of burning calories. Since citrus is what helps boost metabolism and calorie-burning, add a dash of fresh lemon juice instead.

Benefits Of Earl Grey Tea:

As mentioned earlier, Earl Grey tea, in addition to weight loss, provides a wide range of other benefits for your health. These benefits include:
  1. It protects you against strokes, heart disease, etc.
  2. It also prevents different types of cancers including lung, esophageal, pancreatic, colorectal, bladder and mouth cancers.
  3. Research has shown that it can help in increasing HDL cholesterol and blocks LDLs.
  4. It unclogs the passageways in their arteries, thus improving their function.
  5. It promotes oral health by preventing cavities and alleviating the growth of bacteria that produce acids that cause damage to tooth enamel.
  6. It boosts energy levels naturally without as much caffeine you get from coffee.
  7. It aids in digestion and keeps nausea, colic and other symptoms of indigestion away.
  8. It helps in regulating sugar levels in the blood.
  9. The bergamot in Earl Grey tea is said to help in curing fever and improving the immune system.
  10. It has antidepressant and antioxidant properties that are beneficial for the body and mind.

If you are looking for a natural yet effective way to lose weight, there is no better option than Earl Grey tea. You can drink it any time of the day, and another advantage of this tea is that you can make a variety of delicious drinks with it, to lose weight and benefit your body.

Earl Grey Tea Side Effects

However there are always some side effects of taking extensive amount of everything.
  • Earl Gray has most of the same effects as a plain black tea. Avoid taking more than 2 cups.
  • You may get too much caffeine if you consume more. And this may lead to anxiety, heart palpitations, tremors and sleeplessness.
  • Drinking Earl Grey Tea with a meal could reduce iron absorption by up to 75 percent. Hence, to ensure adequate iron absorption, one should drink Earl Gray between meals, not with meals
  • Drinking large amounts of Earl Grey Tea, may cause you to ingest too much bergamot oil. This oil contains a toxin called bergapten, which may affect potassium absorption in certain neurons and lead to muscle twitches, hands and legs cramps, prickling or burning sensations, blurry vision and pressure in the eyes.
  • The tannins present in the tea can transfer to your tooth enamel, staining them. To prevent teeth staining, rinse your mouth or brush your teeth after you finished drinking.

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