Are Grapes Good For Weight Loss? Grapes Diet Recipes for Weight Loss

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Are Grapes Effective For Weight Loss?

Are you trying to lose weight this year without compromising on your eating habits? Do you think you should completely give up on sweet edibles to reach your goals? If you nodded along to these questions, then this post is highly recommended for you.

If you didn’t know, grapes are one of the most beneficial and wholesome organic foods that will not only satiate your hungry taste buds, but also diminish body fat substantially over time.

The Calorie Count

Unlike mangoes and bananas, grapes are super low in calories. They contain essential nutrients required for a successful weight loss program. According to the USDA National Nutrient Database, one cup of grapes would contain about 104 calories only. Grapes are highly thick and nutrition filled when compared to berries and melons. In short, they are exceptionally salubrious and wholesome for the body.

Are Grapes Good For Weight Loss?

In order to lose weight with grapes, you must substitute other high-calorie dishes with it. If you enjoy eating desserts, have some frozen grapes with low-fat Greek yogurt or sour curd at the end of every meal. And the next time you feel like eating fried potato chips, simply grab a slice of low fat mozzarella cheese and add some refreshing and juicy black grapes on top of it. You will never put on weight when you eat like this.

1. Grapes Contain Protein

Did you know that protein is a must for all weight loss diets? It cuts down body fat and builds lean muscles instead. Not only that, protein allows your body to burn extra calories while working out. And the best part is, one cup of grapes contains about one gram of dietary protein. However, if you always remember to eat grapes with low-fat cheese, milk, nuts, seeds of yogurt, the protein content will automatically rise. So you may try that combination too.

2. Boost Metabolism

When you are trying to lose weight, it is important to concentrate on those foods that boost fat burning metabolism. Grapes are one of those few organic foods that will not only keep you hydrated and full, but also boost metabolism significantly. In short, you can lose more weight with grapes over a short period.

3. Burn Body Fat

Eating red and green grapes on a regular basis can help you lose weight faster. This is because they contain resveratrol that reduces the production of estrogen, thereby allowing you to build muscle and burn body fat.

Try Grapes Diet To Lose Weight

If you’d like to lose weight by eating more grapes, then this grapes diet for weight loss is highly recommended for you. Start off with 250 grams of grapes per day along with other healthy snacks. Keep adding on to the quantity till it weighs 3 kgs. This would take around 12 days. By now, you should be eating only grapes and nothing else. If this plan is too much for you, you can simply reserve one to two days during the week when you would only stick to grapes during meals. Try this for a few weeks. You will definitely lose a few pounds.

Health Benefits Of Grapes

Grapes are not just beneficial for weight loss alone. They do come with other benefits as well.

1. Cardiovascular Health

Grapes can also protect you from cardiovascular diseases as they guard your heart and prevent life-threatening disorders. They contain antioxidants, which prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, thereby lowering the chances of a heart attack.

2. Eye Health

Do you wear glasses? Is your eye power worrying you? If the answer is yes, the solution to your problem is grapes. According to a few studies conducted recently, drinking Concord grape juice on a regular basis can impart cognitive benefits.

3. For Asthma Patients

Grapes are quite well known for their therapeutic values. They are the safest and the most natural cure for asthma. Also, grapes contain enough water that keeps your body hydrated and boosts the presence of moisture in your lungs. This significantly diminishes asthma attacks.

4. Fight Cancer

Grapes contain phytonutrients that fight cancer and lower inflammation. According to a few studies, red grapes contain lycopene that fights breast and prostate cancer.

Delicious Grapes Salad Recipes For Weight Loss

Try these exotic recipes to lose weight faster with grapes! You are definitely going to love tasting all of them.

Grapes Salad Recipes

1. Melon And Grapes Salad

The healthy combination of grapes and melon is perfect for any season. It will satiate your appetite and will only take a couple of minutes to prepare. Grapes and melons contain antioxidants in abundance, which protect your skin from damage and other dangerous health conditions.


  • One pound of seedless green/red grapes
  • One cantaloupe
  • 3 small cups of chopped watermelon
  • Half a cup of peppermint leaves
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice


    1. Grab a bowl and bring all ingredients together.
    2. Add peppermint leaves for dressing.
    3. Let it stay in the refrigerator for an hour or so.
    4. Serve cold during lunch.

    2. Grape And Arugula Salad

    If you like green salads, you will love this recipe. It might be a typical summer dish but can be served during any other season too. If you enjoy eating healthy desserts, give this one a shot today.


    • One cup of green grapes
    • 4 cups of arugula
    • 3 ounces of mozzarella cheese
    • 2 spoons of fennel
    • One spoon of extra virgin oil
    • One teaspoon of fresh organic lime juice
    • Salt or black pepper for taste


      1. Wash the grapes. Dry them. Add them to a plate.
      2. Toss the arugula next. Add mozzarella cheese on top.
      3. Arrange properly and drizzle extra virgin olive oil and lime juice as dressing.
      4. A little salt and pepper for taste will make your salad all the more delicious.

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