11 Home Remedies for Hair Loss in Women That Really Work

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Hair Loss in Women

While most people associate balding and hair loss with men, it is actually a problem that afflicts millions of women across the world as well. Just like in men, it is commonly associated with aging, but it tends not to develop until later in life, whereas men more commonly suffer from early onset balding and hair loss.
Female pattern baldness does exist, but there are a dozen other reasons why hair loss might begin in women.

Stop Hair Loss In Women

Without trying to make any generalizations, women tend to have more of an awareness of their physical appearance, particularly their hair styles, so the idea of going bald is frightening for the majority of women. Luckily, there are a number of home remedies that can effectively prevent hair loss or stimulate new hair growth.

Just like in men,baldness mainly occurs because the hair follicles from which hair emerges becomes blocked or ceases to function. This can be physically blocked by dandruff, sebum, dirt, or dead skin cells, or it can occur due to illness or free radicals that cause dysfunctions in the scalp and the follicle cells. Therefore, you can either prevent the disease condition, or treat the symptoms in an effort to reduce the severity of your hair loss. Before you start treating the symptoms or preventing them from beginning, perhaps it would be worthwhile to understand some of the common causes behind hair loss in women.

Causes of Hair Loss in Women
While some of the causes of hair loss can be the same as in men, such as alopecia (in all three varieties), there are also certain causes that are somewhat gender-specific. The most common causes, both general and gender-specific, can be found below.
  1. Broken Hair (due to physical twisting or pulling)
  2. Hair Shaft Abnormalities
  3. Iron Deficiency
  4. Biotin Deficiency (Vitamin B deficiency)
  5. Syphilis
  6. Skin Diseases that result in scarring of follicles
  7. Autoimmune disorders
  8. Chemotherapy and other radiation treatments
  9. Temporary hair loss after surgery, pregnancy, or illness Hormonal Imbalances or Thyroid disorders
Normally, these sorts of causes result in small balding in spots or gradual loss on the scalp. In more severe or prolonged cases of hair loss, it can turn into complete baldness as you often see in men, but this is less common in the female gender.

How To Stop Hair Loss In Women?

Some of the home remedies for hair loss in women include increasing circulation to the scalp, maintaining proper mineral and vitamin levels in your body, and the use of jojoba oil, saw palmetto, rosemary, emu oil, biotin, sage, safflower, and licorice. In terms of behavior, you should also avoid crash dieting, prevent depression, and reduce anxiety if possible.

Home Remedies for Hair Loss in Women 

1. Circulation Issues: 

It is important to keep blood and oxygen flowing to all parts of the body. However, many people with bad circulation find that their scalp cells die, which means that hair will stop growing. Therefore, it is important to stimulate your blood circulation and maintain proper levels of iron in your body. Iron deficiency is called anemia, and without iron, you are unable to produce red blood cells. Along with iron, it is important to stimulate the surface of the skin itself, which draws blood to the area and stimulates hair growth and life in the follicle cells. Scalp massage is one of the best ways to create this beneficial blood flow. However, if your hair loss tends to come in clumps when your hair is rubbed (with a brush or while shampooing your hair), you might not want to massage your hair too often, since you will exacerbate the hair loss.

2. Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency:

 As mentioned above, iron can be a dangerous element to be lacking in your body if you are suffering from hair loss. However, an even more important element in hair health is actually vitamin B. A specific form of vitamin B, called biotin, is extremely important in the growth and health of the hair. You must keep appropriate amounts of biotin in your body. Most women find this to be the most successful remedy for hair loss, often seeing an increase in hair growth and a clear stop to hair loss.

3. Jojoba Oil:

 Jojoba oil is a powerful home remedy that has been in use for more than a hundred years. It has a powerful effect on hair growth when rubbed into the scalp and the hair, particularly at the spot where you’ve noticed the loss.

4. Saw Palmetto:

 Saw palmetto is extremely beneficial for hair loss in women. It is known to block the formation of dihydro testosterone, which is a hormone that kills of hair follicles, thereby resulting in serious hair loss. This sort of hormone often leads to alopecia, so consuming an increased amount of saw palmetto can dramatically improve the health of your hair.

5. Rosemary:

 Rosemary has been used in hair health for centuries. The most recommended way of using it is when mixed with almond oil. This can be applied directly to the scalp and the hair area in question.

6. Emu Oil:

 This is yet another oil that is commonly recommended by alternative healers for hair loss in women. Basically, emu oil functions as a moisturizer and stimulates hair growth in the follicles. This can be applied directly to the scalp.

7. Licorice: 

This can be a very effective way to prevent the formation of dihydro-testosterone, similar to saw palmetto. Di-hydro-testosterone comes from testosterone, but licorice does not allow the hormone to go through this transition.

8. Safflower: 

In an effort to increase circulation, adding safflower to your diet is a good idea. Safflower is known to be a good vasodilator that specifically opens up the blood vessels in the scalp. Vasodilators reduce blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels, thereby increasing blood and oxygen to the scalp cells to hair growth is stimulated.

9. Potassium: 

Foods like bananas are a good idea to eat while suffering from hair loss. In the same was as safflower, potassium is a very powerful vasodilator and can seriously improve the circulation of blood at the scalp cells. It also helps to manage fluid balance in the body, which keeps the cells properly maintained, thereby preventing follicle malfunction.

10. Crash Dieting:

 Crash Dieting can be very dangerous, because it throws your body’s hormones out of balance. If your thyroid gland is not functioning properly, as often happens when you drastically lose or gain weight. When your hormones fall out of balance, your testosterone can easily change to dihydro-testosterone, thereby killing follicle cells. In other words, diet in healthy ways.

11. Depression and Anxiety:

 If you suffer from depression or excessive anxiety, it can seriously affect your hormonal balance. This means that your psychological condition can affect your physical one, so try to alleviate your depression with techniques like aromatherapy and meditation so your hair is not negatively affected by your bad moods or worries.

It is always a good idea to speak with a medical professional about all of your health concerns, particularly if they are severe. You should look at home remedies as an option to complement formal treatment, but if you are against the use of artificial medicines entirely, then a combination and dedication to these home remedies should allow you to considerably improve your hair loss issues.

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