High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) Causes, Precautions and Home Remedies

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What is Hypertension? High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a serious health problem. The force with which blood pushes against blood vessel walls is called blood pressure. The arteries carry our blood throughout the body. 

When this pressure gets higher than normal it is called high blood pressure and it becomes dangerous; because it makes the heart work harder to pump the blood into the arteries. This causes hardening of arteries and can lead to heart failure. 

The normal blood pressure range is under 120/80. When the blood pressure goes above 130/80, it is considered as high blood pressure.

Hypertension or high blood pressure is sometimes called the silent killer because, by itself, it produces no symptoms. If you don’t get your blood pressure checked regularly, hypertension could go unnoticed, and untreated, for years. High blood pressure could lead to many diseases such as:
  • Heart Disease
  • Kidney Disease
  • Hardening of Arteries
  • Eye Damage
  • Stroke
There is no permanent treatment of high blood pressure. The only way is that the patient should try to control and Try to lower their blood pressure. And this can be done by adding some things and deducting some things from your daily life routine. Use of natural home remedies also help a lot in this part. So just changing your diet and life style and use of some home remedies for high blood pressure you can control the high blood pressure and make your life easy.

How to Control High Blood Pressure?

Things That Count In Controlling High Blood Pressure:

Fats and cholesterol:

A low-fat diet can help you keep to a healthy weight, and this will help to keep your blood pressure down.

Eating foods that are low in fat can also help you keep down the level of cholesterol in your blood. Too much cholesterol can raise your risk of heart disease and stroke, so if you have high blood pressure it is very important to keep your cholesterol levels low.

Low Your Blood Pressure by Eating More Fruit and Vegetables Every Day!

Eating more fruit and vegetables has been proven to help in lowering high blood pressure. Fruit and vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals and fiber that help to keep your body in good condition. They also contain potassium, which helps to balance out the negative effects of salt. In addition they keep your body hydrated. All this has a direct effect on your blood pressure, helping to lower it.

Home Remedies for Controlling High Blood Pressure

There are many home remedies for controlling and curing high blood pressure naturally. Cure through natural food consumption has always proved to be result giving. Natural food not only cures but also gives extra health benefits. Some natural home remedies for high blood pressure are as following:

1. Garlic for Treating High Blood Pressure

The most effective home remedy for high blood pressure is the use of garlic. Garlic has scientifically proved to be helpful in curing high blood pressure.

Method for Use:

Take two three cloves of raw garlic, chop it to small pieces and take with simple water once a day. You can also consume it in the form of capsules.

2. Apple for High Blood Pressure

It is always said, “An apple a day, Keeps the doctor away”. The high blood pressure patients should add apples to their every day diet, as it helps to bring the blood pressure to controlled state.

3. Gooseberry (Amla) For Treating High Blood Pressure

Another effective home remedy for high blood pressure is the use of gooseberry (Amla). Take one tablespoon juice of fresh gooseberry (Amla) and mix it with equal amount of honey. Take this mixture daily in the morning to lower the effect of high blood pressure.

4. Lemon for Immediate Blood Pressure Relief

For immediate relief in high blood pressure squeeze a lemon in the water and drink immediately.

5. Papaya

Eat fresh papaya daily with empty stomach regularly for a month. This will help in curing high blood pressure.

6. Onion and Honey

Mix one tablespoon of honey with juice of 1/2 onion.  Taking two tablespoon two times daily is a great home remedy for high blood pressure.

7. Drumstick Tree Essence

Take the skin of drumstick tree. Squeeze its essence by pressing it well. In the morning time, take 30ml of this essence mixed with 30ml honey for three days. This will surely cure high blood pressure.
Don’t take more than three days. You can repeat the course after 15 days.

8. Water-Melon and Poppy Seeds (khas-khas Seeds)

Take the mixture of equal amount of watermelon seeds and khas-khas seeds or poppy seeds empty stomach in the morning as well as in the evening. It is a good home remedy for high blood pressure.

9. Fenugreek Seeds

Consume fenugreek seeds two times a day. It helps a lot in lowering your high blood pressure.

10. Basil and Neem Home Remedy For High Blood Pressure

Mix basil (tulsi) leaves with neem leaves in 1/4 glass of water. Take it empty stomach daily for few days. It will help in curing high blood pressure.

11. Baked Potatoes

Baked potatoes are also beneficial to use in high blood pressure. They will control your blood pressure and bring it to normal. Baked white potatoes are not just full of taste but are also rich in magnesium and potassium, which are the two vital nutrients for heart health. Maintaining a healthy balance of both minerals can help keep high blood pressure in control. 

12.  Water-Melon

Eating watermelon also is a good home remedy for high blood pressure. It contains high amount of water content (95% of water content) which hydrates the body and bring the blood pressure to normal.

13. Carrot and Spinach Juice

Consumption of juices is always recommended in high blood pressure. Vegetable juices, especially the juice of carrot and spinach are very beneficial for the patients of high blood pressure. It controls the blood pressure and brings it to normal.

14. Fish Oil Supplements

Fish oil supplements also helps in curing high blood pressure naturally as it contains DHA and EPA.

15. Honey and Ginger Home Remedy

Mix 1 tsp honey with 1 tsp ginger juice and 1 tsp cumin powder and use it twice a day. This is a wonderful home remedy for high blood pressure.

16. Low Fat Milk for High Blood Pressure

Drinking low-fat milk will provide your body with calcium and vitamin D. Both of the two nutrients work as a team to help reduce blood pressure by 3 to 10 present. It could reduce the chance of cardio-vascular disease by 15 percent.

Precautions for Controlling High Blood Pressure:

  • To control high blood pressure some precautions must be taken which are as follow:
  • Avoid taking salt in your meals. If necessary add only a little.
  • Eating meat and egg also raises blood pressure. So these should be avoided by the patients of high blood pressure.
  • Fried and oily food also cause high blood pressure. Avoid eating fried and oily food for controlling high blood pressure.
  • Add more amount of fresh vegetables and fruits to your every day diet. This will help you’re a lot to control your blood pressure and bring it to normal state.
  • Take a sleep of at least 8 hours daily.
  • Avoid tension and strain. It will increase your blood pressure.

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