3 Simple Ways To Improve Your Memory Power

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How To Improve Your Memory?

Tips and Exercises to Sharpen Your Mind and Boost Brainpower:

In order to work well and to prove good at studies or at work, one needs to show good memory power. If you have a strong memory it reflects a healthy brain. You might be a student who is studying for the final exams or you might be a working professional. In all such cases, memory is the one thing to depend on in order to do well and to stay sharp. Again, for those who are aging, they need to find ways to preserve as well as enhance their grey matter as they age. There are many things that can be done in order to improve one’s mental performance including memory.

Ways To Improve Your Memory

Below are given some easy ways to improve your memory.

1. Increase Sleep And Exercise

It is often said that an old dog cannot be taught new tricks but that is not applicable for the brain. Studies show that the bran has the capability to adapt and change. Such abilities can be harnessed to improve the power and capacity of the brain even at old age. The main thing to emphasize is on is a good lifestyle that includes exercise and sleep at adequate measures.

Exercising The Brain And The Body

If you treat your body well you will increase the ability of the brain to process as well as recall information. As one does physical exercise they increase the oxygen being sent to the brain. This also lowers the risk of disorders which can lead to memory loss such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Sleep On It

If you are not getting adequate sleep, your brain will not be able to function at full capacity. When your brain is not rested fully, critical thinking, problem solving abilities and creativity are affected. Whether you are studying for an exam or trying to keep up with a pressing work schedule you need to give yourself adequate rest. Memory consolidation is seen to occur during the deepest stages of sleep which has a key memory enhancing role.

2. Increase Time For Fun And Friends

Many people think that increasing or boosting the memory is more to do with serious activities like trying the crossword puzzle or mastering a strategy in chess. However, it has been proven that participating in light hearted pastimes can improve the brain function and memory.

Having Healthy Relationship

Relationships help stimulate the brain. When one interacts with others it is the best way of exercising the brain and memory. Meaningful relationships and a strong support system can aid brain health.

Laughter Is Good For The Brain

You may have heard that laughter is the best medicine and it holds true for the brain as well. Laughter engages different regions in the brain which benefits the brain to a large measure. Listening to jokes and working on punch lines help activate different areas in the brain.

Find Fun In Your Life

You could laugh at yourself by sharing your embarrassing moments with others. You could be a part of funny situations where you find out what is funny and realize the humor in it. One should try and spend time with fun and playful people who have a unique approach to life and help others to laugh easily. Try and spend time with children who have the best tips for being playful and finding fun in everything.

3. Keeping Stress At Bay

Stress is one of the worst enemies of the brain. If you do check on your stress levels, chronic stress will destroy brain cells and the region where new memories take place and where old ones are retrieved. Check out top super foods that help you fight stress.

Try Meditation

Meditation is known to boost the powers of the brain as well as to bust stress. One can help to alleviate depression, anxiety, stress and other related problems by taking up meditation.

Find Ways To Relax

Even if you have a stressful and demanding schedule at work or family life, take time out to relax, unwind, pamper yourself in order to feel good and relax. You could take some time to watch light comedies on television, see a movie and do others things you like.

Spend Time with Friends

Even if you have a stressful schedule, finding time to meet friends and to be with them is a great way to stay social, active and alert. That helps to rejuvenate the brain cells and keep them functioning optimally.


Do you feel you are losing your memory? Have you lost your memory of many childhood events? When you are suffering from chronic stress and anxiety, it can reduce your memory and delete your old memories from your brain. To keep your brain healthy, happy and alert, you need to take steps to improve your life in the ways mentioned above. Following a healthy diet will also go a long way to boost memory levels.

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