3 Morning Mistakes That Slow Down Metabolism

Metabolism,Metabolic rate, increase metabolism, how to increase metabolism, Morning Mistakes That Slow Down Metabolism


Morning is the best time to affect one’s metabolism process. Metabolism is the rate of burning of sugar and release of energy. The rate at which the energy provided by the food in our system is used up is determined by our metabolic rate. If the metabolic rate is sluggish it leads to accumulation of fats and sugars in the system which in turn leads to weight gain. If you have a high metabolic rate, you will be able to burn off calories faster and be able to ward off the extra weight. 

Metabolic Rate

Metabolic rate is influenced by different factors such as genetics, weight and age. Even though these factors are out of our control, there are many ways we can influence our metabolism levels. The right choices will lead to the metabolism rate firing up or fizzling down. 
Metabolism,Metabolic rate, increase metabolism, how to increase metabolism, Morning Mistakes That Slow Down Metabolism
Morning Mistakes That Slow Down Metabolism

Metabolism Mistakes

If you are targeting weight loss, there are certain mistakes which you might be making resulting in slowing down of the metabolism rate.

1. Eating Too Late

This is a mistake that many people make. Most people do not have time to have breakfast when they rushing off to work or to drop the kids off to school. However, it has been seen that skipping breakfast can be worse for your health. 
  • It makes the metabolism rate slow down for the day. As the body is not provided adequate amount of food, the brain signals to the body to conserve energy. Accordingly the fats are stored up instead of getting burnt off. 
  • It is imperative that one eats within an hour of waking up. That sparks off the metabolic process called thermogenesis. This turns the food that is eaten into energy. That also makes it ideal to opt for high protein and even calorie laden food items during breakfast rather having it for lunch or dinner. 
  • If you feel like having a donut after having an omelet of egg whites, you might as well pack it in with an early breakfast so that you will burn it off during the day.

2. Not Exercising

Research has shown that one keeps burning calories even after 24 hours after workout, especially when one does resistance training form of exercises. 

Research also has proven that exercising in the morning leads to more calories being brunt than exercising at any other time of the day. 
  • If you wish to get an effective exercise without going at it for hours, plan a short and quick workout early in the morning. 
  • You could get up and go for a run or a walk as suits your physical activity need and preference. 
  • When you do high intensity cardio interval training you challenge the fat burning genes more. As a result, the post workout calorie burn is much more. Doing cardio vascular exercises early in the morning on an empty stomach will prove most effective in reducing fat and weight.

3. Resistance Training

Most people think that resistance training is not for them. They feel that cardio vascular exercises are enough to keep them fit. While that is true in most regard, if you wish to develop lean muscles and want to keep the fat burning process going even after you have stopped exercising. It would be wiser to start doing strength training. 
  • Strength training involves working with weights but one can even do other forms of resistance training such as high intensity interval training. That leads to similar effects as weight lifting exercises. These kinds of exercises work on the muscle groups and lead to wear and tear. 
  • As the muscles start to recover and rebuild themselves, they burn the fat cells in order to get energy. 
  • During the time when you rest, the muscles are repairing themselves and burning calories at the same time. 
  • Thus, a metabolism boosting workout even for ten minutes included in one’s morning exercise routine will keep the calories burning through the day.
These are some of the great ways one can boost their metabolism. If you are not doing these activities, you are missing out on stepping up your metabolic rate.
Metabolism,Metabolic rate, increase metabolism, how to increase metabolism, Morning Mistakes That Slow Down Metabolism

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