Are Pistachios Good For Weight Loss: Nuts for Weight Loss

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If you love munching on nuts, then pistachios are probably stashed somewhere too. Their unique taste ensures they are never forgotten. 
Nevertheless, are you afraid of putting on weight? Fret not, and have a look at this post and clear your misconceptions. Find out if the delicious pistachios can actually help you lose weight.

Nuts For Weight Loss:

From a young age, we have been told about the wonderful benefits of eating nuts. However, these nuts are to be consumed only in moderate amounts, for they contain a lot of calories. A handful is apparently enough to fulfill a significant percentage of our daily nutritional requirements.

When pistachios are concerned, we can make a slight exception. Because dry nuts are such a delight to eat, this particular variation is a good substitute for the others. And it is not just for its flavor. Know more about pistachios and weight loss here in detail.

Are Pistachios Good For Weight Loss?

Pistachios are a storehouse of nutrients, like all nuts. Additionally, they make the exception of helping you lose weight. Surprised? According to research, the nuts promoted weight loss in groups of people who consumed them over a period of 3 to 6 months.

Unbelievably, this group was actually observed to have shrunken waists, along with lower cholesterol levels and better health. There are several reasons for this welcome change.

1. Pistachio- Calories Count

Pistachios may contain a good serving of calories. But, it is certainly interesting to know that these nuts have the lowest amount of calories among its counterparts.

A half cup of pistachios gives you about 160 calories. In other words, eat 30 pistachios and you would have consumed 100 calories. These calories do not contribute to weight gain. Contrary to popular belief, pistachios achieve the opposite.

2. Calories Are Not Sugar

Calories from pistachios, how many ever you have, do not spike your glucose levels. The nuts have a very low glycemic index wherein they prevent a sudden increase in blood sugar levels. This helps regulate blood glucose and insulin production.Moreover, calories from pistachios are not converted to fat immediately.

3. Healthy Fats

One thought of nuts and our minds think of the high fat content. The fat might be considerable, measured at 13 gms per serving, but is proven absolutely healthy. We are talking about essential monounsaturated fats, which control bad cholesterol.

In addition to promoting heart health, these fats aid hormones that regulate insulin and glucose metabolism. This means a booming metabolism and consequent weight loss.

4. Fiber Content

Pistachios make you feel full. You would not need more than half a cup, because you are too full to have any more. The nuts easily offer you 3 gms fiber per serving. Fiber enhances satiety and is especially good if you’re on a diet.

Sufficient fiber in the diet helps you satiate your hunger, thereby preventing you from reaching out to other unhealthy foods. You would also not eat more food that might otherwise contribute unnecessary calories. Pistachios are your perfect weight watchers, where portion control is concerned.

5. Healthy Snack

Pistachios are nutritious snack. The nuts’ ability to satisfy hunger pangs without spiking your blood sugar levels makes them a great snack food. You can have them between meals and during meals as well just for the taste. They offer 6 gms protein, vitamins, and heart-healthy potassium. You cannot go wrong with a snack this healthy, when it keeps you off the unhealthy ones.

6. Prefer Unshelled Pistachios

Here’s a tip. Always bring home unshelled pistachios. Experts suggest that the act of shelling a pistachio marks a sense of disciple while you eat. Shelling makes you eat slower, which means your digestive system is taking total advantage of the fiber.

Long eating duration makes you eat less. Besides, every empty shell is a reminder of what has been consumed, checking you from reaching for calorie-laden junk food. Pistachios effectively replace such unhealthy foods and reduce 500 calories a day.

Now that you know how well pistachios are good for weight loss, what are you waiting for?

Reality Check:

Pistachios help you lose a minimum of 10 pounds in 3 months.

Eat nuts, particularly pistachios, for their health benefits. And now, you can have pistachios for weight loss too.

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