14 Amazing Facts About Human Tongue

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Human Tongue Facts

Following are 14 amazing facts about human tongue that you did not know:

  1. The strongest muscle in human body is tongue.
  2. Tongue is the only muscle in the body that works without a skeleton. No bone is present in tongue.
  3. Human tongue has 50-100 taste cells.
  4. Our tongue is the only muscle in our body that is responsible of sensing taste and sending taste signals to the brain.
  5. Our tongue has taste buds which are responsible for tasting food.
  6. Taste buds are found not only on the tongue but they are also found on the inside of our cheeks, on lips, on the roof of our mouth and under the tongue.
  7. There are 10,000 taste buds found in our mouth out of which 8000 are present on our tongue and the remaining 2000 are found in the places mentioned in point 6.
  8. Human tongue has 5 basic tastes. It can taste sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami (taste of certain foods that are high in protein such as meat, fish, cheese etc).
  9. Our tongue is divided in different parts and each part is responsible for sensing different types of tastes. For instance sweet part will detect sweet taste and salty part will detect salty taste.
  10. Like finger prints every one’s tongue print is different.
  11. The sense of taste and smell are directly r elated because they both have same type of receptors.
  12. Tongue is incapable of detecting taste if it is dry. This is because taste buds are capable of sensing taste only when molecules of the food saliva.
  13. Women have shorter tongues compared to males.
  14. A person’s health condition can be known by the 10,000 taste buds found in our mouth. 

Tongue Color and Health Condition

Changes in tongue color have important relations with your health condition. By observing your tongue color you can easily tell many things about your health.

     Here are some tongue color indications about health:

Tongue Color
Health Condition
Pink Tongue
Good Health
White Tongue
Fungal Infection
Yellow Tongue
Fever or Stomach Problem

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